Plaquex and Cell Therapy
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  • Plaquex and Cell Therapy
  • Plaquex and Cell Therapy

Meet Your Killers

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Every day you are ingesting and absorbing a host of legally approved toxic substances you don’t hear about in the news. Preventing disease and illness and defending your vibrant health and energy is becoming more and more difficult without the information about what is damaging you every day. From food, drink, air pollutants, shower gels, lotions to doctors and pharmaceuticals you are exposed to health damaging substances.


This book guides you to what you can do to prevent being bombarded with toxins. It arms you with the knowledge you need to become an empowered consumer who can choose your lifestyle wisely to enjoy optimal health. Read about the horrible effects of artificial sweeteners, about pesticides, pharmaceuticals and heavy metals in your tap water. Know why you shouldn’t light up scented paraffin candles. Learn why cholesterol is not a problem and statins are harmful and unnecessary and much more.


It also explains the causes of the most prevalent diseases in modern society so you can prevent ever succumbing to them. Learn that inflammation and stress cause heart disease, not cholesterol. Learn about the connection of your gut to your brain and what you can do to improve your gut health, and resolve most mental problems.


Learn about prevention and simple treatments for hypertension and osteoporosis.This book also uncovers the reason why many toxins and harmful treatments are legally approved by government agencies such as the FDA and EPA.


You are the only one who can be responsible for your health. You need this information to exercise this responsibility skillfully. You will come to the conclusion that your best friend in health is an integrative physician.


580 pages with references and resource guide

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