DHEA 25 mg
  • DHEA 25 mg

DHEA 25 mg

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100 capsules, 25 mg

DHEA is a steroid hormone produced by the adrenal glands.Its only natural source are Mexican Yams, from where DHEA is extracted. It not only is a precursor to many other vital hormones such as Testosterone, Estrogen and Progesterone, it also has many properties of its own.

DHEA secretion peaks at the age of 20 to 25 in men and women and declines after that all the way down to less than 5 % of its peak by the age of 80.

DHEA helps build muscle mass and lose body fat by forcing the body to use body fat for energy instead of sugar.

DHEA also lowers LDL, the bad cholesterol and reduces the stickiness of blood platelets. Studies confirm that DHEA levels in men over 50 are inversely related to the rate of death from cardiovascular disease. The higher the DHEA level, the less risk of cardiovascular disease. Other research with DHEA concludes that DHEA can improve memory. Alzheimer's patients have 48 % lower DHEA levels than healthy subjects.


Before taking DHEA, it is advisable to test the DHEA levels in the blood serum. This test is done by most larger laboratories. As a rule, men over 50 years of age need DHEA supplementation of 25 to 100mg a day. Women of that age usually need less - about 25 to 50 mg every day.


DHEA is also converted into Testosterone, therefore men with prostate cancer should not take DHEA. Men with benign prostate hypertrophy should regularly monitor their PSA 19 levels in the blood. DHEA can cause increased hair growth (eg. facial hair) in women, which can be counteracted by taking Saw Palmetto extract. Very rare cases of increased blood pressure were reported at high doses.

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