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100 capsules, 100 mg

Bilberry also called Vaccinium myrtillus was made into jam and fed to Royal Air Force pilots during World War II right before flying missions. The pilots found that it improved their night vision and visual acuity. Since then over 50 studies have been published confirming the value of bilberry. Anyone suffering from eye strain or scratchy, blurry, fatigued eyes can benefit from the healing properties of this plant. The modern theory of vision is, that how well you see and the ability of your eyes to adapt in dim light are directly related to the amount of rhodopsin in the retina of your eyes. The store of rhodopsin is depleted when you strain your eyes (work at computers) or when your eyes have to adjust to the dark (night time drivers) . As you age, the supply of rhodopsin steadily decreases resulting in poor vision. The active ingredient in the bilberry fruit, Anthocyanoside, has been found to actually stimulate the production of rhodopsin in the eye.


For treating most eye conditions 1 to 2 capsules daily suffice. For temporary or mild eyestrain one day of treatment with 1 or 2 capsules should provide appropriate relief.


1 capsule contains;
MirtoSelect® European bilberry extract 100 mg [std. to 36% anthocyanosides calculated as anthocyanidins 
Other ingredients: rice flour, cellulose, L-Leucin, water. 

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