Food Safe Allergy Blood Spot Test
  • Food Safe Allergy Blood Spot Test
  • Food Safe Allergy Blood Spot Test
  • Food Safe Allergy Blood Spot Test
  • Food Safe Allergy Blood Spot Test

Food Safe Allergy COMBO Blood Spot Test 190 foods


Complete Food Safe Allergy Test with 190 allergens tested

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Blood Spot test to check for slow reaction food allergies.

Tests 190 different foods and Candida.

What's it for ?

Has it ever occurred to you that fatigue, weight gain, abdominal discomfort, headaches, even aging skin could be due to a food allergy?

Food allergies can also cause asthma. Newer research found Turmeric (urcumin) can help alleviate asthma:

Consideration of food allergy is a critical component of any comprehensive approach to good health.

The Food Safe Allergy Test measures your sensitivity to certain foods from an antibody-mediated immune response. The antibody measured in this test is IgG. This test does not measure the dangerous rapid-acting IgE food allergies.

The Food Safe Allergy test comes conveniently packaged as a kit. It requires a "finger stick" blood spot to be collected and shipped directly to the laboratory in a pre-paid envelope. All necessary components for the "finger-stick" are included in the kit with a complete set of instructions for easy collection.

The Food Safe Allergy Test is comprised of these 190 common foods: Fish, Dairy, Meat, Shellfish,Grains, Nuts, Vegetables, Fruit and spices.

What's in the box ?

The box contains the blood spot card, lancets, alcohol swabs, band-aid, instructions, shipping pouch and shipping label as well as the lab requisition form.

How to proceed

Once you receive the test kit, follow the instructions regarding collection and shipping to the lab.

The following medications can interfere with the results and should be stopped prior to testing:

Acid reducers/proton pump inhibitors, inhaled asthma medications: 1 day

Anti inflammatory medications 5 days, Aspirin 3 days

Antihistamines 7 days

Immunosuppressants: speak with your doctor

Chemotherapy: this test is not recommended

Before stopping any medications speak with your doctor.

Legal Disclaimer

Laboratory services are for informational purposes only.It is not the intention of this vendor to provide specific medical advice, but rather to provide users with information to better understand their health. Specific medical advice including diagnosis and treatment will not be provided. Always seek the advice of a trained health professional for medical advice, diagnosis and/or treatment.

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