Argentyn 23 Vertical Spray
  • Argentyn 23 Vertical Spray

Argentyn 23 Sinus Relief Natural Nasal Spray

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Argentyn 23 Sinus Relief Natural Nasal Spray , 2 oz

This ultrafinely dispersed silver hydrosol stops the cold and the flu within the first hour if used intensively. Silver has been used since the ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and Phoenicia to sterilize water and open wounds. European royalty used silver ware and goblets to ensure the safety of their food and water. Today NASA uses it in their water purification system of the international space station.

This solution can be used topically on wounds, allthough we would recommend using the gel. It can be applied to infected ears, eyes, for vaginal yeast infections, for intestinal health, gums, in the nose, gargled for the throat or cold nebulized for lung infections.

Other colloidal silver products seen under a microscope form clumps of silver that are not only useless, but can cause a silver overload of the body. This hydrosol is dispersed so finely, that no clumps can be seen under the greatest magnification of the microscope. It is completely safe. Other products can also be contaminated with proteins, salts, stabilizers and other compounds. Argentyn 23 has a high content (96%) of positively charged silver ions in pharmaceutical grade purified water.


When you feel a cold coming on, gargle with 2 Tbsp. for 3 minutes and repeat 3-4 times in the first hour. Swallow after gargling. You can also use the spray 15 times every hour.

If you feel your nose being affected by the cold, drop a dropper full in each nostril and keep there for 3 minutes 3-4 times per day. You can also use a vertical spray 5-10 sprays, 4 times per day.

You can apply 1-2 droppers full into the ears and/or the eyes.

For healthy water apply 2 Tbsp. (1 oz) per gallon of water.

For gastrointestinal health, take 2 Tbsp per hour on an empty stomach, follow with probiotics.

For Mouth and Gum health, hold 1-2 Tbsp. in the mouth for 3 minutes, 4 times daily.

For urinary tract health, take 1 Tbsp. hourly until urinary tract health is restored.

When travelling, to prevent infections, take 1 Tsp. before, during and after flying.

For scrapes, cuts, bug bites and burns, use the gel and let it dry.


23 ppm positively silver ions dispersed in pharmaceutical grade purified water.


The risks and toxicities pertaining to silver have always been attributed to (A) extreme quantities of silver arising from (B) silver salts and (C) silver compounds,1, 2 all of which may be considered non-oligodynamic silver. Non-oligodynamic silver is silver that has lost its positive electrical charge and is therefore nothing but “dead-weight” silver. Non-oligodynamic silver is devoid of any known positive bioactivity,3, 4 and is in fact the only form of silver compound known to generate risks to higher organisms like human beings.5 On the other hand, oligodynamic silver retains a positive electrical charge by way of its (D) low concentrations, (E) low nanometer (or even sub-nanometer) particle sizes, and (F) uncanny way of suspending itself into water, rather than dissolving itself by combining with a caustic salt.6, 7 In other words, the most powerful form of biologically useful silver is oligodynamic silver which cannot be made in extreme quantities. Therefore, by definition, it would be virtually impractical for oligodynamic silver to achieve toxicity levels as determined by the Environmental Protection Agency (see charts below).* The entire EPA document can be reviewed by following this link: .

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