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MyoPep Nano 2 x 60 Nano Tablets

Lose fat and build muscles, increase your stamina, endurance and metabolism.

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2 x 60 Tablets

- Helps to achieve a leaner body

- Renews stamina

- Increases Metabolism

- Increases endurance

- Improves physique

MYOPEP Nano is a new over the counter weight management supplement that facilitates the maximization of weight loss results from regular physical training and healthy diet.The concentrated amount of follistatin peptides enriched in its colostrum powder and a blend of purified botanical extracts helps MYOPEP's patients to acquire healthier and better weight loss through myostatin-inhibition and metabolic regulation. MYOPEP is a proprietary amino acid complex capable of inducing a pharmaceutical grade effect in human muscle and adipose fat function. Introduced by LAB RMS in 2012, MYOPEP has been sequenced and bio-engineered to enhance muscle glucose utilization and growth, while reducing the production of fat throughout the body. LAB RMS, the founder and sole distributor of the proprietary peptide-based biopharmaceutical innovation MYOPEP, has leveraged on its years of modern stem cell research to specifically identify and isolate peptide elements that can inhibit muscle receptor sites to deactivate the specialized enzymes, Myostatin, which is primarily responsible for the cessation of myogenesis. This innovation is further solidifed following the company's pivotal discovery of an isoform of follistatin that can effectuate myostatin inhibition not only at a highly effective rate, but also under a unique self-limiting scheme.This 'myostatin blocking' peptide developed by LAB RMS is metabolized after a specific period of time, hence eliminating the possibility of an interminable signaling of muscle growth. By varying the applications based on result feedback, MYOPEP is essentially sculpting the body over time - causing weight loss, muscle building and adding tonality - with a critical element of self-regulation.


Take 2 x 2 tablets daily.


Each capsule contains:

Cinnamomum cassia stem bark 500 mg

Eleutherococcus senticosus root 1.5 g

Fucus vesiculosis whole plant 365 mg

Salix alba stem bark 4.125 g

Paullinia cupana seed 1 g

Frangula purshiana stem bark 600 mg

Tyrosine 2.5 mg

Phenylalanine 62.5 mg

Colostrum powder bovine 25 mg


Phenylketonuretics: contains phenylalanaine Contains 50 mg Caffeine Use in children under 12 years is not recommended. Prolonged use may cause serious bowel problems.Do not use when abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting is present, or if diarrhea occurs. If you are pregnant or breast feeding or suffer from hyperthyroidism, consult a health care professional before taking Myopep. Contains colostrum powder that may contain lactose.

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